The direct response industry is constantly in flux with new brands, new products, new campaigns, new infomercials, new spots and new ways to seek for achieve success.  Response Magazine released a very good summary of 2013 in the world if infomercials and direct response based on the IMS (Infomercial Monitoring Service) ranking of the top infomercials of 2013 and short form spots based upon frequency of media airings on cable networks monitoring by IMS from November 1 2012 through October 31, 2013.  Below are the lists for the infomercials of 2013 and short form rankings and you read the full report and the analysis at

The article points out that “the top four categories in long-form DRTV advertising — beauty, health & fitness, household and kitchen — represented 78 percent of all spending in 2013. This is up from 74 percent in 2012. These four categories continue to dominate the long-form space and are responsible for 20 of the top 25 products for the year.”  They also released a nice snapshot of the top 5 infomercials for the last 10 years.  Launch DRTV is proud to have worked on many of these campaigns over the years.

RES1213_IMS Top 50_Infomercials

RES1213_IMS Top 50_Spots

RES1213_IMS Top 50_Top 5

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