The direct response industry is always changing.  There are new trends, new infomercials, new spots, new mediums, new ways to sell and more.  There is also a tremendous amount of great data, stats, journalists, infographics, new vendors and more all aimed at educating anyone who is new in the direct response and DRTV industry and seasoned vets who want to learn more and share their knowledge.  With the ever changing landscape of direct response and DRTV, we have created a Flipboard Digital Magazine that focuses on and curates content about the Best of DRTV & Infomercials.  The goal is to showcase great examples of new infomercials, highlight key trends in the world of DRTV, and curate in one place new ideas, technology, celebrities,  and even some vendors who are helping to push the direct response industry forward.  We will also test out the shoppable features of the Flipboard app to see how it can drive sales to some of our valued clients.  You can check out the Best of DRTV & Infomercials Flipboard Magazine at


Flipboard is a unique way to curate and display great content in a user friendly and mobile friendly format.  The digital magazines look good on the web but really shine as native apps on tablets and mobile phones.  We highly recommended that you download the Flipboard App.

Get the app today through one of the links below and start flipping.

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