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Every so often, there is new and updated list of the top 10 best infomercials, 10 best infomercial products, 10 worst infomercials or top 10 selling infomercials of all time.  The best thing about all of these lists is that since most DR companies are privately held- most of the info and data is culled from a lot of different sources but never verified by anyone.  You also have no idea about true profitability in these direct response brands because the margins and the business models of each of these brands and products varies by a wide margin.  A brand like Proactiv with a built in continuity program or P90X with other fitness program like Insanity to sell will have a much higher lifetime value for their customers acquired via their infomercial than a one time product like a Ped Egg or a Snuggie.  Here is the latest list from April 2013 with some estimated annual revenue and some versions of their infomercials..

1. Proactiv

Annual revenue: $1 billion


2. P90X

Annual revenue: $400 million


3. Total Gym

Total sales: $1 billion


4. George Foreman Grill

Annual revenue: $202 million


5. Bowflex

Annual revenue: $193.9 million


6. Showtime Rotisserie

Total sales: $1.2 billion


7. Ped Egg

Total sales: approximately $450 million


8. Snuggie

Total sales: approximately $400 million


9. Sweatin’ to the Oldies

Total sales: approximately $200 million


10. ThighMaster

Total sales: $100 million


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