Yahoo Finance’s The Daily Ticker just did a news segment and story on “Top 5 Secrets of the As Seen on TV Industry”. Thomas Haire, editor-in-chief of Response Magazine, estimates that As Seen on TV is a $400 billion industry. Haire says that Allstar Product Group, the company that has created products like The Snuggie, Bump It, and Forever Lazy, pulls in as much as $500 million a year.  They also interviewed As Seen on TV industry veteran Scott Boilen to bring you five fascinating secrets about how the business works.  See the full article and video news segment at  The top five secrets outlined in the story which mostly focuses on short form DRTV spots are:

  • $19.95 is the magic price
  • “As Seen on TV” is not its own brand
  • It is all about getting into retail
  • There is no formula for success
  • The industry is recession proof.

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