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The digital marketing team at Launch DRTV is often times asked about how digital video, YouTube, video advertising and mobile video work in direct response and in conjunction with TV media.  The short answer is- DIGITAL VIDEO WORKS.  Video works for extending the life of a direct response campaign, educating your audience, pushing conversion, testing new creative and most importantly reaching a growing segment of the population who are watching less and less of traditional television.  Mobile video for infomercials is where we see some massive opportunity for 2014 as prices are still relatively cheap compared to TV and the audience is exploding.  Below are some infographics, links, data and more on the growth, importance and value of digital video and mobile video for infomercials, direct marketing and brand marketing.

Some amazing data from BI Intelligence CEO Henry Blodget “Future of Digital” Presentation.

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Great article from AdAge: “Mobile Video: Where the Heat Is“.  Some of our favorite stats

  • Video is currently the fastest growing ad format in mobile, and mobile is the fastest growing channel across all digital ad spending. Mobile advertising is expected to blow past desktop by 2017, with much of this growth catalyzed by mobile video.
  • Mobile is 20 percent of global Internet traffic, and ad views on mobile devices tripled year-over-year. Eyeballs are shifting to mobile at an astounding rate.

Infographic on the Victory Through Video Presented by

How video content is revolutionizing learning

Another Great Blog Post from Launch DRTV

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