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Announcing the release of Launch DRTV’s new Infomercial Extender program.  We are always being asked how our clients in the DRTV industry can extend the life of their campaigns and continue to achieve ROI as TV media performance begins to fade over time.  The number one piece of advice we give is to keep pumping out the content to owned media channels and other digital distribution where your high quality video content can be seen by a different and growing audience.  We believe and the stats now show that the single greatest marketing strategy at present is YouTube — both for connecting brands directly to consumers and for monetizing brands’ original content. Unique video campaigns are now key to brand awareness and driving sales and most DRTV advertisers have been laser focused on television.  There is great opportunity in digital video both on owned channel like YouTube and paid channel such as via video advertising.  The good news is that most DRTV advertisers already have great content to work with that only needs some re-imagination and editing to suite the medium.

YouTube is the largest story telling platform in the world and long form infomercials and the content related to the production of an infomercial is perfectly suited to this medium if you understand who is watching, what they want and how to target hem effectively.  YouTube is 2nd largest search engine and is a crucial place for product reviews, user generated content about your brand and is perfect for product demonstrations.  YouTube also reaches more 18-34 year olds than any cable network.

Long form infomercials work but a growing number of consumers no longer watch network, cable or local TV. This means that they are not and will never see your infomercial.  DRTV marketers already have hours of high quality edited video content that sells. The Launch DRTV Infomercial Extender programs uses that content to extend your DRTV campaigns and target new customers and unlike traditional DRTV media, you do not need to pay for each time your infomercial airs and viewers see your content. Search relevance and popularity can drive millions of views.

Please review the below presentation which outlines the Launch DRTV Infomercial Extender Program.  Whether you are a current Launch DRTV client or not, we can work with you to turn your infomercial video content into new sales and conversions.

For more information on the Launch DRTV Infomercial Extender Program and how we can help turn your content into conversion through the power of YouTube and digital video tailored to the medium please contact Launch DRTV.

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