youtube for direct response
digital video infographic
The digital marketing team at Launch DRTV is often times asked about how digital video, YouTube, video advertising and mobile video work in direct response and in conjunction with TV media.  The short answer is- DIGITAL VIDEO WORKS.  Video works for extending the life of a direct response campaign, educating your audience, pushing conversion, testing...
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Infomercial Extender
Announcing the release of Launch DRTV’s new Infomercial Extender program.  We are always being asked how our clients in the DRTV industry can extend the life of their campaigns and continue to achieve ROI as TV media performance begins to fade over time.  The number one piece of advice we give is to keep pumping...
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YouTuve vs TV
In the direct response industry we think that he intersection of traditional TV media and the growth of online and streaming media such as YouTube and Netflix is very interesting for the future.  Where will infomercials and direct response campaigns live when more and more content is on demand or a result of a search...
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