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The direct response industry is always changing.  There are new trends, new infomercials, new spots, new mediums, new ways to sell and more.  There is also a tremendous amount of great data, stats, journalists, infographics, new vendors and more all aimed at educating anyone who is new in the direct response and DRTV industry and […]

The Economics of Infomercials and DRTV

Have you ever wondered about the real economics of infomercials?  Question like- how much is spent in the DRTV, the history of infomercials, whether people actually buy in the middle of the night.  The below post was written by Jon Nathanson for Priceonomics.  The complete post was published on November 14th, 2013 and can be […]

The Present and Future of the Direct Response Marketing Industry

If you ever wanted to know about the present state and future of the direct response marketing industry then you should take the time to read Response Magazine’s 18th Annual State of the Industry Report- The Unabridged Answers where they asked excellent question and received thoughtful and thorough answers from members of their Advisory Board […]

Top Infomercials of 2013

The direct response industry is constantly in flux with new brands, new products, new campaigns, new infomercials, new spots and new ways to seek for achieve success.  Response Magazine released a very good summary of 2013 in the world if infomercials and direct response based on the IMS (Infomercial Monitoring Service) ranking of the top […]

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The Power of Digital Video and Mobile Video For Infomercials

The digital marketing team at Launch DRTV is often times asked about how digital video, YouTube, video advertising and mobile video work in direct response and in conjunction with TV media.  The short answer is- DIGITAL VIDEO WORKS.  Video works for extending the life of a direct response campaign, educating your audience, pushing conversion, testing […]